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Daily Grind is located on the Waterfront of Baltimore’s Fells Point neighborhood. Fells Point is a historic colonial port with cobblestone streets, beautiful harbor views and interesting characters. A stone’s throw away is the police station featured in “Homicide Life in the Streets”. The Daily Grind is a reflection of the quirky fun charm of Fells Point. Local artists and business professionals alike enjoy the atmosphere and the outstanding coffee and lite fare.

The Inner Harbor Water Taxi drops boat passengers off at our doorstep; we have outdoor seating great for people watching. Besides the great award winning coffee we offer fresh baked pastries, bagels, sandwiches, soup and desserts. Check us out and enjoy our community! In years PAST we flourished as a funky coffeehouse, always evolving to maintain the same quirky charm as. With local artists keeping our walls beautiful (and a hodge-podge of customers visiting us daily), we've become a staple of everyone's favorite neighborhood.
Known for our rawness and our edge... and still as home to the unique individual as ever.
Daily Soup Specials rotate everyday
We owe our success to listening to our customers and giving them what they want. We truly do value your feedback.

Since 1991 we have been a popular breakfast destination in Fells Point and Johns Hopkins. What sets us apart is our fun friendly customer service and outstanding quality.